Austin’s Urban Bliss was founded to fill an important need in the health and beauty industry: to provide quality, luxury spa services in a relaxed, non-pretentious environment while using only premium organic and natural products that are completely safe for the skin, the body, and the environment. Urban Bliss is leading the way in holistic health and wellness by providing relaxing eco-friendly massages, beneficial organic sports therapies, luxurious body wraps and scrubs in a comfortable, down-to-earth setting.

In addition to our organic and eco-friendly philosophy, our spas are staffed with experienced, licensed and highly skilled massage therapists in order to provide the most enjoyable and relaxing spa experience possible. Our service providers are passionate about helping our customers enrich their lives both in the spa and at home, and will use their knowledge and expertise to recommend natural and organic products that will help you continue your spa experience at home and nurture an organic beauty lifestyle.